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One reason that it has been pretty sparse between the posts on the blog is that I've spent a lot of time preparing the presentation of my diploma work in permakulturdesign. I presented the work of the 31 October Ås outside Oslo, and now belongs to the small group certified permakulturdesigners available in Sweden. In my case, I focused in my diploma work on the development of my family's estates here in Stjärnsund. The criteria for what is needed to apply for a diploma in permakulturdesign are described in the Swedish permakulturföreningens website, but basically it's about working with Applied permakulturdesign at least three years after you have taken a certification course in permalkulturdesign and document this work in any way.

My design work, I have documented in a report now available to download for those interested. The report describes the whole system that we have built up here and an important part of that is of course Putt Myra forest garden. In the report, I describe as how dust system works, what experiences we have made with swales, the trails of the forest garden is designed and how we do when we arrive at the new garden beds. Hope you find something that inspires you, and as usual the comments and feedback welcome. Happy reading!



6 thoughts on “Diplom i permakulturdesign”

  • Congratulations!
    What fun, it was very interesting and inspiring to read about all your efforts and plans to create your Permaculture site.
    Jan Inge

  • Very interesting reading that feels honest and sincere!
    Know me a bit of approaches and how you're thinking…
    Maybe because I also am an engineer…
    Have not read it all yet, but soon becomes.
    Himself had wanted to invest in something like this, but first, you need enough to be two really want the same. secondly it is a bit late in life for me now (bl.a. depending on bit damaged body).
    Good luck in the future!

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