Lecture 2024 (is updated)

It looks like it will be a busy schedule with talks below 2024 and below I have listed the confirmed talks. You can find more information about each talk if you follow the links (which will be updated continuously). Do you want to book a lecture?? Mejla mig gladly!

20 February: Karlstad, Forestry Horticulture. Organizer: Karlstad's garden society. FULLY BOOKED!
21 February: Arvika, Nut farming and forest garden. Organizer: The Nature Conservation Society in Arvika and Jösse Garden Society.
6 March: Shooting town, Forestry Horticulture. Organizer: Bobrunna farm.
14 March: Gotland, Hazelnut cultivation. Organizer: Gotland County Administrative Board.
21 March: Nordic gardens, Stockholm, Growing edibles everywhere.
24 March: Stone pattern, Nötodling
28 March: A thousand gardens (digital lecture), Forest gardening for subsistence. Organizer: Study promotion.
10 april: Vadstena library, Forestry Horticulture. Organizer: Vadstena library.
13 april: ETC Solpark, Katrineholm, Forestry Horticulture. Organizer: ETC.
28 april: Kungsbacka, Nötodling och annat gott
10 september: West town (Stockholm), Forestry Horticulture


17 May: Tomelilla, Österlen Garden Show.
2 June: Skellefteå, Forest horticulture in the north. Organizer: Skellefteå garden society.

8 thoughts on “Lecture 2024 (is updated)”

  • 10 sept I am interested in Västerort, very interested. I am in the process of creating a forest garden out in the archipelago. How do I register??

    • What fun! There will be more information about the talk in a few weeks as far as I know and then I will add a link. Jag vet faktiskt inte om föranmälan krävs, det är Västerorts Trädgårdssällskp som anordnar föredraget.

  • Hi! Is very interested in nut farming, but lives up in the Orsa area. Will you have anything closer here about it? Otherwise, I aim to get to Arvika.

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