Grundstammar del 3 – plums, apricot, peach, almond

Plums and its relatives apricot, peach and almond can be grafted and inoculated in a relatively wide range of rootstocks. Here I list the rootstocks as my knowledge is suitable for our climate. Please comment on the compilation, antingen genom att mejla mig på eller genom att lämna en kommentar i fältet nedan. I will update the tables as I get new information. The entire current list is also available in "Forest Garden: growing edible everywhere" on the sides 424-426.

 Körsbärsplommon (Prunus cerasifera)Plums (Prunus domestica)Apricot (Prunus armeniaca)Peach (Prunus persica)Mandel (Prunus)Egenskaper
Prunus cerasifera (F)xxxx
Prunus domestica (F)xx(x)
Prunus domestica 'S:t Julien A'xxxxGer träd ungefär 75% i storlek jämfört med fröplanta. Zon I-V(VI).
Prunus domestica 'Pixy'xx(x)(x)30% av fröplanta. Svagväxande och härdig. Ger frukt 2-3 years after planting. Zon I-IV(In).
Prunus domestica 'Wangenheimer Frühzwetsche'xxxxGammal fröförökad grundstam som är vanlig i handeln.
Prunus domestica 'Wavit'xxxxRelativt obeprövad grundstamfrån Österrike som sägs vara köldtålig och sjukdomsresisten. Är en vegetativt förökad selektion av 'Wangenheimer Frühzwtsche'.
Prunus armeniaca (F)x
Prunus mandshurica (F)x
Prunus persica (F)(x)xAprikos ympas i andra länder på persika, men rekommenderas inte för Sverige.
Prunus x persicoides (F)(x)xCross between almond and peach often used as rootstock for almonds.
Prunus (F)x
Prunus solesxxx??
Prunus spinosaxxx??
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3 thoughts on “Grundstammar del 3 – plums, apricot, peach, almond”

  • Hi
    Har beställt 2 st mandelträd.
    I have a question about grafting or eyelashing of almonds on plums growing on the plot here outside Kristianstad. Here was when I moved here many thorny plum trees with small yellow or red plums, however, it's not something I'm fond of. These trees are hardy and always give plenty of plums sometimes so that branches break. They bloom in the month of March-April and it may be near the flowering of almond trees. Almonds are likely to be grafted onto these old varieties.
    MVH / Lasse L

    • Hi Lasse,
      you can graft almonds on plums. Probably you have cherry plum on the plot and it is the same rootstock that is often used in grafting almonds. You could try to oscillate in August if you have good seed price until then.
      Greetings, Philipp

      • Thank you so much for the answer, which was nice to know. Here, these cherry plums grow a little here and so your answer suited me perfectly.
        Have a great summer / Lasse L

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