Nut grower's handbook nominated for garden book of the year 2022

Happy news! The Nut Grower's Handbook is one of 13 books that are nominated for the prestigious Garden Book of the Year award 2022.

This is what Gartnersällskapet writes in its motivation of the nomination:

A bible for those who are saved by nut farming - or thinking about becoming one. With many years of experience in forest gardening and growing what we eat, Philipp Weiss shares his knowledge of nut trees. A knowledge built on extensive literature studies, countless study visits throughout northern Europe and own experiences. The nut farmer's handbook is pedagogically arranged with detailed cultivations- and care advice. The book covers many different species and name varieties that are worth growing. It arouses curiosity and a desire to grow. There are interesting recipes here, many elderly who have fallen into oblivion, but worth reviving for long-term and sustainable food production.

Vinnaren av Årets Trädgårdsbok 2022 är André Strömqvist för sin Handbok för en gammal trädgård. Congratulations!

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