Now the nut grower's manual is here!

A long wait is over! After more than three years of research- and writing work and many obstacles along the way, the Nut Grower's handbook is now finally available in the trade. Read the press release here.

This is how nice the book's cover was.

Here you can buy the book

In Sweden, it is easiest to buy the book through Adlibris or Bokus. Of course, all physical booksellers can also take the book home for you and we offer special prices for small children, independent booksellers.

If you live in Norway, the book is available in Norwegian, among other languages Adlibris.

In Finland you can order it from Adlibris, and Academic.

If you live outside the Nordics, it is easiest to order via Book Depository which ships free of charge worldwide.

Lookup from Nötodlarens handbok.

Do you want to become a reseller?

Det enklaste sättet att bli återförsäljare är att du skickar en beställning till vår distributör star Distribution genom att mejla dem på Then you get the Nut Grower's handbook and also our other books at the publisher's price (F-priced).

Helena Moreau is responsible for the beautiful illustrations.

Review copy?

Are you a journalist and want to write a review of Nötodlarens handbok? Feel free to contact me via email, then I will help you.

2 thoughts on “Now the nut grower's manual is here!”

  • En väldigt fin bok med mycket bra information.
    Nu vill jag ha stor tomt med med många nötträd?

  • Äntligen !
    Inte bara bra för de som har läst och grävt sig in i de första 2 böckerna.
    I tredje boken öppna sig säkert återigen en ny värld av nyheter och roligheter.
    Jag ser framemot postpaketet. 🙂

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