Grow with P1 if nut farming

Swedish nut farming is becoming more and more of a talking point and now even the very popular program Odla med P1 has made two features on the subject. In the first, I talk about our hazelnut and walnut cultivations and talk warmly about the cultivation of real chestnuts.

Philipp Weiss grows nuts in Dalarna and wants to see more walnuts, hazelnuts and real chestnuts in Sweden.

The second feature, as it was sent 28 August 2023, is about the lesser known the food crops acorns, Turkish hazelnuts and ginkgo. Few know that they can be eaten, but they can be found in many places in the country, not least in urban environments where they are extra easy to harvest.

3 thoughts on “Grow with P1 if nut farming”

  • Inspirational as usual. A question: I read somewhere that the acorns of the mountain oak are not edible, while those of the forest oak are fine. But there is thus no difference in the composition between these varieties?

    • Tack! There is no major difference in edibility between mountain oak and forest oak, both contain tannins that need to be leached out before they can be used as food. Bergeken contains on average 3,39% tannins, while the oak's nuts contain 3,48% on average, so from that perspective they are almost identical. Mountain acorns also contain slightly more fat than forest oaks.

      • Thanks for the gratifying reply! This means that the harvest in the immediate area can easily be doubled. It quickly becomes over a hundred kilos, which raises a follow-up question. Are there recommendations for the appropriate intake of acorns?

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