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Philip WeissI who have created this blog is called Philipp Weiss. I have grown common vegetables ago 2007, but never liked preculturing, annual tillage and weeding much. My interest in woodland gardens awakened when started looking for alternatives to our annuals vegetables that need sauce on year after year. At first I thought that there were only a handful of perennial vegetables, but when I was tipped off about Martin Crawfords ”Creating a Forest Garden” opened a whole new world for me. Spring 2010 I started designing Putt Myra Forest Garden and Spring 2011 planted the first trees. Back in autumn 2013 we harvested hazelnuts, blueberries, raspberries, mini kiwi and the first apples from the forest garden. The harvest was not great, but showed what potential forest garden has.

Forest Garden blog is about spreading knowledge and experiences on forest gardens for our very special climatic conditions in Sweden. It is based primarily on my experience in the establishment of Putt Myra Forest Garden in Stjärnsund, but I also write about forest gardens in other places as well as interesting facts from forest garden literature. Occasionally there will be guest posts from other forest garden enthusiasts. The hope is that more people will dare to get started with your own forest garden, in both large and small scale.

When I do not take care of the farms or writing on this blog, I work with project Permaculture Stjärnsund. I also keep regular lectures about forest gardens, sustainable construction and is diploma permakulturdesigner. If you are interested in booking a presentation on forest gardens with me or want help to build up your own timber garden, you can contact me at skogstradgard@gmail.com.

Some word of caution: Many of the plants I write about on the blog are toxic for a certain time of the year, have poisonous parts or need to be cooked properly. Moreover, our stomachs unaccustomed many of these plants and the odd is perhaps allergic to them without knowing it. So try things out carefully with plants you've never eaten before. I do my best to provide as much information as possible about all the plants, but can not take responsibility for any injuries.

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