If the nursery

If the plants in general

The vast majority of the plants we draw up themselves from seed we have collected in our own fields. The seed to name places we buy, then we can not guarantee the identity of the seed in the current situation. Some plants reproduce vegetatively from we own plant material. For each plant given brief details. More in-depth information can be found in the book "Perennial vegetables: discover, Lizard, enjoy”. All perennial vegetables are raised in organic soil compost.

Plant hardiness

We use the accepted retardant system for perennials, with names from A to D:

A: Hardy throughout the country.

B: Can be grown throughout the country in protected and well-drained location.

C: Can be grown in large parts of the country in protected and well-drained location.

D: Can only be grown in the country's favorable parts.

Remember that you can influence survival by choosing the right habitat!

When you can order?

The web shop will open in early January each year. Root cuttings can be ordered until the end of February or while stocks last. Perennial vegetables, you can order up until last April.

When we send?

We send plants twice a year. Root cuttings of comfrey will receive in early April, provided that it is not too cold outside. Perennial vegetables, we send in mid-June. In both cases you will receive a notification via email that your delivery is on its way to you.


We package all the plants carefully by hand. They leave our nursery softened and well-watered, so that they will withstand the long journey without any problems. In the package you will find waxed paper that you put into combustible waste and wood wool that you can compost or make a tvestjärtsholk with.


The basic fee for freight is 120 kr (inkl moms). Then increase the freight bit for each kg that is added to the order. The maximum weight you can order is 20 kg and the highest delivery cost is 200 kr. If you do not have many plants, check with your friends and acquaintances, perhaps you can order together? If you order root cuttings can we send them letters, and then included in the shipping price.

You can also pick up your order at this place in Stjärnsund. Check "Get yourself" so,. Then you have picked out your plants before 6 July. You'll be notified by email when your plants are ready for collection, usually during the first half of June.

No killer snails

We pull up all the plants in our nursery which is adjacent to Putt Myra forest garden. There is no killer snails, so you need not worry about possibly getting a few such plants if you order from us.


Contact us at skogstradgard@gmail.com If you have any questions!