Diversity Garden Stjärnsund

Diversity garden is a public woodland garden of about 2700 sqm located at Fridhems training center and hostel in the heart of beautiful Stjärnsund (Hedemora municipality). Forest garden is shaped from a stub picture of the vegetation that was planted back in the 90s when the garden was called Feng Shui garden. Since 2013 the garden has continuously been filled with islands of planted together in the lawn every year will grow up to be more and more like a forest garden.

The purpose of Diversity garden is to explore the woodland garden concept and create a pleasant place where both people, as well as bees, bumble bees and other animals find food and habitat. The garden is run voluntarily and today has over 100 trees and bushes with nuts, fruit and berries, and many more other utility plants. The diversity of the garden we find everything from mulberry and blåbärstry to buckthorn, hazelnut and walnut, as well as an initiated örtskikt of perennial vegetables and other plants in different ways helps the ecosystem forest garden.

Diversity garden is today an interesting destination (see below for more details) Garden enthusiasts and environmentalists who are curious about new ways to grow for people and our wild friends. The garden is also used as an educational teaching room for courses in skogsträdgårsodling and Permaculture.

Altitude136-145 m
Mean annual temperature4,3°C
Annual precipitation600 mm
Sista nattfrost15 May - 1 June
First night frost1 - 15 september

Came to visit

The garden is public and open to spontaneous visits. During the summer we offer guided tours that can be booked here. For groups between 15 and 25 people we also offer tours at other times, Please contact us for more details.


Please email annevi.lakemountain@gmail.com

Forest Garden Stjärnsund
Some of the Diversity Garden in Stjärnsund in June 2018. Photo: David Roxendal