Nurseries of forest garden plants

The range for forestry or garden plants increases continuously. Since there is not a single place to order plants from, I have made a compilation of nurseries I trust. Further down is a compilation of nurseries that have an extra good selection of perennial vegetables. Tell please about more nurseries that are good for forest garden plants!


Blekinge fruit trees Nursery:
Wide range of unusual varieties of fruit trees, mainly apples, pear, plums and cherries.

B'STRÖÖ Trees and Shrubs (Oland):
Exciting range of edible plants, a lot rarities.

Ebe Plant (Gränna):
It is at Ebe Plant that we purchased rootstocks and scions, but they also have a wide nursery catalog. (Stenstorp, Vastergotland):
Wide range of many rare plants, of which a great deal that is good for the forest horticulture. Only Takeaway. (Ostersund):
A little nursery which only sells direct from the nursery located outside Östersund, and by a few dealers in the area. Has a solid selection of very rare plants for cold climates, both edible plants and clean ornamental plants.

Putt Myra nursery (Stjärnsund):
Our own little nursery for hardy woodland garden plants with focus on trees, bushes and climbers. We only sell this in place in Stjärnsund. Email us at to get the current assortment list.

Räveboda Nursery (Urshult, Småland):
Small nursery with a wide range of common and rare edible plants. Selling only place in Urshult.

Forest garden's plants (Hoor, Skåne):
Hanna Jönsson and My Kjellberg on Forest garden's plants pulls up and multiply perennial vegetables, interesting shrubs and function plants for sustainable, edible ecosystem for northern climates. Also holds courses and designing timber gardens and other edible system for individuals and businesses.

Svartbäckens garden (Hinterland):
Have a wide range of edible plants (and some ornamentals). Selling the place and sometimes the Farmer's Market in Stockholm.

Blomqvist Nursery (Finland):
Have an exciting assortment of fruits and berries that are adapted to cold conditions. Many varieties are hard to come by in Sweden.

Westergaard's (Denmark):
The leading nursery for nuts that are adapted to the Nordic climate. Has also an assortment of other unusual edible plants.

The old varieties (Denmark):
The nursery has a slightly svårnavigerbar homepage, but the range is affordable and very exciting. Have many great fruity hazelnut varieties and something as rare as cider apples.

Nursery Eggert (Germany):
Have a great range of common and some unusual edible plants. Has focused on the Swedish market.

Deaflora (Germany):
Wide range of common and uncommon edible plants, with a strong focus on fruit and berries.

Helenion (Germany):
Focuses on herbaceous crops with a very wide range. You have to be early with his order, most plants is short.

Rarities nursery Manfred Hans (Germany): http://www.raritätengä
Have a wide range of exciting forest garden plants. Some highlights are nigerrenis-strawberry which is a promising ground cover with tasty berries, sorbaronia, a cross between chokeberry and rowan and figs from Bornholm, that will be one of the hardiest varieties available.

Rühlemann’s (Germany):
Whoa nursery that has a wide range of perennial vegetables and other mainly herbaceous woodland garden plants.

Wild fruit worm (Germany):
Have a great range of unusual edible plants, both tame and wild such. DOES NOT CURRENTLY SEND TO SWEDEN


B'STRÖÖ Trees and Shrubs:

Hudiksvalls Handelsträdgård:

WOMAN, Norwegian Seed Conservation Organization:

Levins Handelsträdgård (Upper Gärdsjö, Rattvik):

Lisa's Garden (Mariestad):

Naturplanteskolen (Denmark):

Odlarbyrån (near Kungsbacka):

The grower's nursery (Eskilstuna):

Forest garden's plants (Hoor, Skåne):

Svartbäckens garden (Hinterland):

Timitatives (Finland):