Nurseries of forest garden plants

The post about the first plant delivery 2014 attracted some attention and it seems that there is a great need to know where you can get your hands on all the exciting plants for a woodland garden. Since there is only one place to order plants from, I have here made a compilation of the nurseries that I have received supplies from the last few years. The list is updated continuously. Please pass on more nurseries that you have confidence in!

Eriksbo Plantskola (Vasteras):
Provides a good range of standard Swedish nursery. Do not sell to private persons.

Björk Haga (Skåne):
Provides a good range of standard Swedish nursery. Do not sell to private persons.

B'STRÖÖ Trees and Shrubs (Oland):
Exciting range of edible plants, a lot rarities. Good prices.

Ebe Plant (Gränna):
It is at Ebe Plant that we purchased rootstocks and scions, but they also have a wide nursery catalog. (Stenstorp, Vastergotland):
Wide range of many rare plants, of which a great deal that is good for the forest horticulture. Only Takeaway. (Ostersund):
A little nursery which only sells direct from the nursery located outside Östersund, and by a few dealers in the area. Has a solid selection of very rare plants for cold climates, both edible plants and clean ornamental plants.

Blomqvist Nursery (Finland):
Have an exciting assortment of fruits and berries that are adapted to cold conditions. Many varieties are hard to come by in Sweden.

Westergaard's (Denmark):
The leading nursery for nuts that are adapted to the Nordic climate. Has also an assortment of other unusual edible plants.

The old varieties (Denmark):
The nursery has a slightly svårnavigerbar homepage, but the range is affordable and very exciting. Have many great fruity hazelnut varieties and something as rare as cider apples.

Wild fruit worm (Germany):
Have a great range of unusual edible plants, both tame and wild such.

Nursery Eggert (Germany):
Have a great range of common and some unusual edible plants. Has focused on the Swedish market.

Deaflora (Germany):
Wide range of common and uncommon edible plants, with a strong focus on fruit and berries.

New! Floraparadies Kohout (Germany):
Has a wide range of interesting pines, as stone pine, Korean pine and dwarf pine.

Helenion (Germany):
Focuses on herbaceous crops with a very wide range. You have to be early with his order, most plants is short.

Rarities nursery Manfred Hans (Germany): http://www.raritätengä
Have a wide range of exciting forest garden plants. Some highlights are nigerrenis-strawberry which is a promising ground cover with tasty berries, sorbaronia, a cross between chokeberry and rowan and figs from Bornholm, that will be one of the hardiest varieties available.

Agroforestry Research Trust (England):
Europe is probably the widest range of perennial crops. Also has a wide variety of seeds. Plants are sent usually by the end of October until end of November, which can be problematic in central Sweden and northern Sweden.