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Zpt8n What is a forest garden?
Zpt8n Christian and Margaretha Odbergers list of where to find interesting woodland garden plants. In 1.1, 2015.
Zpt8n Plants suitable for propagation by cuttings summer.
Zpt8n Plants suitable for propagation by cuttings winter.
Zpt8n Criteria for selecting the right place for a timber garden.
xlsx1-1 Plant list 2015 (xlsx).
Zpt8n  Plant list 2015 (pdf)
Zpt8n Diploma i permakulturdesign Philipp Weiss, november 2015 (13 MB)
Zpt8n Annex I of the master's thesis: Jordprov
xlsx1-1 Annex II to the master's thesis: Plant list Putt Ant Hälsingbo

Flight computer to calculate the water content at field capacity of different soils


Rapport: Begränsningar och möjligheter för
skogsträdgårdsodling i svenskt klimat
(Rebecka Törnqvist, 2017)

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  • Super Interesting to read your diploma thesis. We are also eager to buy land and realized that it can take time when I read how it was for you. Än så länge fortsätter skissandet på outnyttjade delar av hemträdgården som trots allt är 4700kvm stor 🙂

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