Hazelnut geeky with the Garden Troll

The interest in growing hazelnuts in our northern climate seems to be increasing and in the middle of this year's harvest season I was interviewed for a section on hazelnut cultivation on the wonderfully nerdy Garden Troll's Garden Pod. In the conversation, we talk a lot about which varieties are worth cultivating, I tell you how to do the best to harvest before the wild animals and give concrete cultivation tips to succeed with hazelnuts in the higher cultivation zones.

This year it looks like it will be a really nice harvest again, although not as large as the record year 2019. The wild hazel already ripened it 20 augusti och i skrivande stund är det bara sorterna ‘Cosfordoch ‘Halle’sche Riesennuss’ which have not really been completed. In total, we count 5-6 kg Combine (fresh nuts in shell).

Webbs Prize Cob
One of the most beautiful varieties of hazelnut – ‘Webb’s Prize Cob’.

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