Grundkurser i skogsträdgårdsodling 2016

Year 2016 we plan to implement three basic courses in forest horticulture. The first will take place here in Stjärnsund in cultivation zone IV / V on 3-5 June and includes three days. In this course we will transform a rather ordinary, upbringing villa garden forest garden! The course also includes visits to both Putt Myra forest garden and Diversity Garden in central Stjärnsund. Here you can read more about the three-day course and how to register.


The second course will take place in Falun in cultivation zone V, the 2-3 July and also where we convert common part of an existing villa gardens to woodland garden. This garden is especially exciting as it is in a northwest slope, which puts special demands on the choice of plants and handling microclimate. Here you can read more about the two-day course and how to register.

Forest Tradgardshotell Course

Want to give a course participation in the gift, only to hear from you to us, and we'll make a gift! More information about the third undergraduate course in forestry horticulture at the beginning of 2016.

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