Grundstammar del 4 – cherries

Cherries can be a little more difficult to graft than, for example, apples and pears. Many therefore choose instead to multiply cherry using okulering. Here I have listed the rootstocks as my knowledge is suitable for use in our climate. Mejla mig gärna på or enter a comment in the comment box if you find errors or have additional information. I will update the tables as I get new information. The entire current list is also available in "Forest Garden: growing edible everywhere" on the sides 424-426.

 Sweet cherries (Prunus avium)Surkörsbär (Prunus cerasus)Egenskaper
Prunus avium (F)xGer stora, svårplockade träd.
Prunus cerasus (F)xxGer mindre något mer svagväxande träd.
Prunus mahaleb (F)xAnvänds ibland som grundstam, fungerar bäst i zon I-III och i sandiga, torkdrabbade jordar.
Prunus 'Gisela 5'x35% av av Prunus avium, blir 3,5-4,5 m high. Zon I-V(VI).
Prunus 'Colt'xGer relativt stora träd, 70-80% av fröstam. Används flitigt trots relativt dålig köldtålighet (Zon I-III).
Prunus solesx?x?
Prunus spinosax?x?
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