Grundstammar del 5 - Where can I get them?

For me usually ympingssäsongen launch in early April and then it is high time now to order suitable rootstocks. The only question is how do you get hold of rootstocks in the best way?

Since I grafts quite a few trees every year it pays for me to order directly from wholesalers. They usually require an order of at least 50 st rootstocks (sometimes it works 25 poster also) and shipping cost can be quite high. However, the unit price per rootstock very low. As a minimum, it can be on 2-3 crowns for the vendors I bought from, including shipping. To order directly from the big producers can be a good idea if you are several who go together or if you want to organize a ympningskurs. One challenge is that you need to order in very good time, happy six months before ympningssäsongen kicks off.

One thing to keep in mind, no matter who you buy from, is that you should only buy certified rootstocks that are guaranteed to be free from disease. Basic trunks pulled up in gigantic monocultures and particularly by vegetative propagation, the risk of contagion large. Check therefore always rootstocks you buy has been certified by a plant health unit or equivalent in the country where you buy the material.

Below I have compiled a list of the suppliers that I know and trust. Most I have ordered to itself at any time. The list is certainly far from comprehensive. For example, there are many places in the UK that sell their stocks and even Dutch companies are quite active in this market, but which suppliers are good I do not know. Help me therefore happy to fill the list by commenting in the comments section below or by emailing me at Tack!

Rootstocks for large customers

farm Jedrzejewski (Poland): Have a relatively narrow range of rootstocks, but the quality is very good. Do they have interesting rootstocks P60 and P22 in its range.

Gränna Nursery (Sweden): Has a relatively wide range of different rootstocks. Only sell to companies / organizations, but dealers in Sweden (the nedan).

Lodder documents (Germany): Have a fairly wide range of the most common rootstocks for pears, apples, cherries, plum etc.. Also sells bare-name varieties of hazelnuts. Their website is updated almost never, and e-mail address on the home page does not seem to work, so use instead,. Otherwise, the service very good.

Steel nurseries (Germany): One of my newly discovered provider that gives a professional impression. Also sells berries and nuts at good price.

Rootstocks for consumers

If you are unable to buy many rootstocks can instead purchase through a reseller. Most of these purchases probably their rootstocks of the same wholesalers as I listed above. Often the unit price of rootstocks quite high, because it is the management of orders, which is the major cost for retailers. It can be a 10 times higher unit price for rootstocks compared to when you buy a 100 number from any of the merchants. What nursery any time should help you to take home rootstocks. Want to order itself, there is to my knowledge a few nurseries that sell rootstocks online:

Ebeplant (Sweden): Selling both rootstocks and scions.

Gränna Plants HB (Sweden): Sells the most common types of rootstocks.

Rogle Nursery (Sweden): Seems produce rootstocks themselves and therefore the range is relatively limited.

Svartbäckens garden (Sweden): In addition to the nursery with a focus on edible perennials are Svartbäckens garden (located in Järlåsa outside Uppsala) also a distributor for many kinds of rootstocks.

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