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I wish all readers a happy new rearing! For my part, this year's major forest garden event will be the publication of our book which we hope will come out in May. Besides that, we simply have a number of courses planned. Also we open again nursery for perennial vegetables which we loaded with a number of interesting new plants.

year courses

This year we are planning four new courses. The first held in Asa outside Kungsbacka 5-6 May. Then we will focus on the trees- and the shrub layer and complement existing planterinar with 20 new trees and shrubs.

second course is about growing and cooking with perennial vegetables. It is located to the Stjärnsund 2 June and led by my colleagues Annevi Sjöberg, Martin Gustafsson and Fanny Westling.

The third course is a three-day course here in the Stjärnsund 15-17 June. Then we will combine theory with practical sessions in both Putt Myra woodland garden and Diversity Garden in Stjärnsund.

The fourth course, taking place on 29-30 June will specifically involve örtskiktet forest garden where we continue with a timber garden that began in a couple of years ago in the Big Sorby farm but Gårdsjö in Tiveden. read more here.

new growth

Last year was the first year we dared to send perennial vegetables and herbs in the mail. It went better than expected and this year we have expanded our range slightly. new plants include:

  • Two different types of Hostas with high measured value
  • Ostrich fern, one of the few edible ferns
  • Jätterams, a lovely vårprimör which is closely related to asparagus
  • Vårsköna, a ground cover sheet whose tastes rödbetsblast
  • Luktviol, a beautiful ground cover with edible leaves and flowers
  • Sandsenap, one PERENNES sorts rucola.

Unfortunately, this year we will not be able to offer meum athamanticum, when the seed production this summer was very poor. The long-awaited rank spinach, we will still not be able to sell by mail order, but do you happen to pass Stjärnsund it will be in our nursery here at home that is open from 20 May to 6 July (by appointment).

As last year we close the order page at the end of April, and send the plants during the first half of June. The basic fee for freight is 120 and the company gets maximum 200 kr, so it pays to order with others unless you want to order as much himself.

Another novelty is that we are shifting to more environmentally friendly pots that are labeled with the German "Blue Angel" and consisting entirely of recycled plastic.

Welcome to order now and please let us know at If you have any questions!

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