Nyplanteringar 2018

After winter enormous losses it became extra plantings this year. Too many plants came down to earth in May when we still believed that the drought could turn at any time. The result was of course a constant watering to keep alive in the 50s seedlings we had sat down. Now we have over 100 mm of precipitation in four weeks and the opportunity to put down everything that has been waiting in the nursery. In our harsh climate here in cultivation zone V, we usually do not dare to plant in autumn, but to plant from mid-August to mid-September is usually a good compromise between the more water-intensive vårplanteringen and the somewhat uncertain autumn planting. The times we planted later than this, it has often been poor invintring and sometimes tjälhävning when planted in clay soil, with the result that the newly planted plants spring forward had popped up out of their planting.

A lot of new walnut varieties have found Putt Myra forest garden.

It was among other many exciting new cultivars of kiwifruit and as usual a lot right daring ventures:

Botanical nameSwedish nameSortQuantity
Actinidia kolomiktavariegated-leaf hardy kiwiAnnikki2
Actinidia kolomiktavariegated-leaf hardy kiwiAromtny1
Actinidia kolomiktavariegated-leaf hardy kiwicorpse1
Actinidia kolomiktavariegated-leaf hardy kiwicountries1
Actinidia kolomiktavariegated-leaf hardy kiwiM1
Actinidia kolomiktavariegated-leaf hardy kiwiMatovaya1
Actinidia kolomiktavariegated-leaf hardy kiwibird Šakarva1
Actinidia kolomiktavariegated-leaf hardy kiwiPavlovskaya1
Actinidia kolomiktavariegated-leaf hardy kiwiVitakola1
Alus glutinosaEuropean alder100
Amelanchier alnifoliaAmelanchier alnifoliaMartin2
Amelanchier alnifoliaAmelanchier alnifoliaPrince William1
Amelanchier alnifoliaAmelanchier alnifoliaSleyt3
Aronia melanocarpaAdonijahViking?2
Cornus masCherry DogwoodElegantnyj1
Corylus avellanaHasselex Hattberget1
Corylus avellanaHasselexample Source plain1
Corylus x sppHybridhasselex Badgersett7
Crataegus ambiguaRussian hawthorn1
Cydonia oblongaAcknowledgeMyagkoplodnaya1
Fraxinus americanaVitask1
Fraxinus mandshuricaManchurisk ask1
Hippophae rhamnoidesHavtornMary1
Hippophae rhamnoidesHavtornTytti1
Juglans regia var ailathifolia. cordiformisHeart WalnutCW11
Juglans regia var ailathifolia. cordiformisHeart WalnutImshu1
Juglans regiaWalnutexample Lithuania1
Juglans regia x nigra1
Lonicera caulea var. edulisBlåbärstryBakczarskij giant1
Lonicera caulea var. edulisBlåbärstryBorealis1
Lonicera caulea var. edulisBlåbärstrydosages Velikana1
Lonicera caulea var. edulisBlåbärstryHoney Bee1
Lonicera caulea var. edulisBlåbärstryJugana1
Malus domesticaAppleAuksis1
Malus domesticaAppleOrlov1
Malus domesticaAppleUslada1
Malus domesticaAppleVeiniöun1
Malus domesticaAppleZao Hong1
Populus trichocarpagiant PoplarKiruna E1
Prunus armeniacaApricotBABTŲ at1
Prunus armeniacaApricotMoskovskaja Velikaja1
Prunus cerasusSurkörsbärListen Sikkolan Berry1
Prunus domesticaPlumsKubanskaja Kometa1
Prunus serotinablack cherryŻółwin1
Prunus virginiana var. The lowered1
common pearPearsSuvenirs1
Rosa Rosa pendulina var x dumalis. salaevensisHybridrosPiRo32
Rosa pendulinaBergros1
Rubus allegheniensisvelvet BlackberrySonja2
Rubus idaeusRaspberriesTulameen2
Rubus idaeusRaspberriesTulameen3
blackberry blackBlackcurrants?2
Rubus uva-crispaGooseberriesHinnonmäki Red1
Rubus uva-crispaGooseberriesIn š acres1
Sorbus aucuparia var. edulisSötrönnNevezhinskaja1
Sorbus domesticaSorbus domesticaSossenheimer giant1
Tilia cordataSkogslind5
Vaccinium Angustifolium-GruppenHybridblåbärPink Lemonade1
Vaccinium corymbosumHUCKLEBERRYNui1
Vaccinium macrocarponAmerican CranberryStevens2
Viburnum opulusGUELDER-ROSESweet1
Viburnum opulusGUELDER-ROSETajezhnyje Rubina1
Viburnum sargentiiSargentolovonex Kaunas1
VitisFence Grape (?)Juodupės1
Vitis (Labrusca-Gruppen)Fence GrapeFor 1
Vitis (Labrusca-Gruppen)Fence GrapeOlga1
Vitis (Labrusca-Gruppen)Fence GrapeVeldze1
x Pyronia veitchiiHybridkvitten1
x Crataegosorbus mitschurinii HagtornsrönnGranatnaja1
x Sorbaronia fallaxRönnaroniaBurka1
x Sorbaronia fallaxRönnaroniaTitan2

What remains now is to plant a hundred acceleratorväxter to, as alder, silverlönn (Acer saccharinum) and even more sterile comfrey cultivar ‘Bocking 14’.

Now think perhaps the reader that I am not crazy to plant hundreds of new plants when vole, harar, deer and elk has caused so many problems earlier. It becomes not only more food for the wild animals? The reason we dare to bet big is that we think we have found a (almost) bombsäker etableringsmetod. More on that in a future post!

5 thoughts on “Nyplanteringar 2018”

    • Most people that I planted this year, I received the Vakka Taimi in Finland: https://www.vakkataimi.fi/. The Lithuanian I bought on the spot. Nowadays I managed to get seeds from Canada, so next season we will have both hickory, pekanhickory, cardiac walnut, black walnut and genuine walnut from various Baltic provenances in our nursery product range.

  • Hej Philipp

    How does the hybrid hazelnuts from Badgersett? Jeg did not believe they sent across the Atlantic due. the risk of diseases from American hazel would spread to European species.

    • Hi,
      we bought the seeds by a friend who arranged permission from the Board of Agriculture in Sweden. He sterilized seeds even before he sent them to me. Now I think that it has become harder to hit hazelnuts from North America.
      Please, Philipp

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