How we build vole secure nätkorgar

I last post I described our establishment concept where planting of the vole desirable trees and shrubs occurs in nätkorgar galvanized putsnät. We've built well over 100 nätkorgar late last year and start getting into a good technique now. The network we use is that said mesh size 12,7 mm. Larger than that, vole probably get through. We purchase online at 25 m long rolls and to cut it on a workbench. On the bench we have made instructions for different pot sizes, so we do not need to measure the length of each time. Nätkorgarna usually have 15-25% larger diameter than the pot plant stand in:

Instructions nätkorgar
With Formula circumference = diameter x π we have calculated the length we need to cut the different sizes of nätkorgarna. To avoid having to count every time we have made selections for different car sizes on our workbench.

The height of nätkorgarna varies, but we want them to be around 5 cm deeper than the root system and that they will stick up above the ground with at least 5 cm. heights 25-30 cm is usually adequate for most smaller trees and bushes.

Cutting height net basket
To the network should not curl hooks we fixed it in cardboard spikes that are attached to the edge of the workbench.

To cut online, we use a metal shears. Then you can cut several wires simultaneously. With practice, you can very quickly this way. We usually make three nätkorgar at the same time. The slightly narrower fourth row (the far right in the picture) we make the bottoms of the latter.

Nätkorgar cut several simultaneously
How it looks when the sides of nätkorgarna is almost ready.

It is important that the baskets are provided with a bottom. Otherwise vole burrow under the trees and access to the roots that way.

Mesh basket bottom
The bottom section of the screen basket are quickly fixed.

To assemble the baskets and attach the bottom part we use a small pair of pliers (eltång). We turn thread ends (as well be provided as long as possible during the cutting) to fasten the various parts. It's good to do it pretty well, so that there will be gaps in the basket when filled with soil at planting.

Mesh basket ready
The last step of the production is to merge the different parts of the basket. It is quickly made with a narrow eltång.

Planting plants in nätkorgar differs little from conventional planting. More on that in the next post.

9 thoughts on “How we build vole secure nätkorgar”

  • Hi, en fråga om nätet som används. När jag har letat har jag hittat varmförzinkat nät i rätt dimension. Har ni provat detta? Funkar det också eller håller det för länge i marken? Som jag har förstått det ger varmförzinkning ett mer hållbart rostskydd, men mina kunskaper om detta är mycket bristfälliga.

    • Hej Axel,
      det är varmförzinkat nät vi använder. Jag grävde upp några gamla nätkorgar som jag gjorde av varmförzinkat kycklingnät för några veckor sen och det visade sig att de var helt nedbrutna efter bara två år. Kycklingnät har mycket tunnare trådar än putsnät, but it seems to break down faster than I thought. Now I am a little worried that the cleaning web will not last long enough, but we'll see. In the Spanish study, held it in the least 7 years, but perhaps our soils nature of matter also. I think in any case that galvanized mesh will keep for a long time.

      • Thanks so much! Then we try galvanized putsnät. It is likely that Spanish soil is dry during the greater part of the year and that can perhaps give a longer life to the basket.

  • What good baskets!
    1) I'll be planting lots of tulips in a lawn, it can work for that too? Could you imagine making a basket with a lid on so that you can have soil on top and then grass? So that it is possible to mow the lawn other parts of the year and so that the basket is hidden?

    How would you do?

    2) Sork scares are an idea to invest in? What kind / brand in that case?

    Thousand thanks!

  • Hi!
    Have you had any problems with the roots of trees being "strangled" as they grow through the local baskets?

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