Game of perennial vegetables

The game of Perennial vegetables: early, tough, tokgoda (2014)

This is a fun family card game that gives you an insight into the diversity of perennial vegetables we can grow and enjoy our Swedish climate. The plants in the game has edible leaves, Fired, flowers, fruits, roots or seeds, and most are easy to grow. Some of the plants you will recognize as asparagus, rhubarb and horseradish, while other green goodies potatoes Bean, Blitum Bonus-Henricus and sallatsaralia probably news to most. From 60 perennial edible plants that we have chosen to include in this game, are the ones that we think have the most potential in our cooking and our gardens! The game was made by Annevi Sjöberg, Philip Weiss, Martin Gustafsson and Daniel Larsson.

The game is available from Bokus and Adlibris.

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