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Forest Garden Growers
A good discussion group on Facebook that is growing fast.

Holma college
Organizes various courses in forest gardening in Skåne, even at half the distance.

Forest garden's friends' website that contains information about Sweden's most famous woodland garden Holma in Skåne. On the page you can also find Esbjön Wandts diploma work which contains a lot of interesting ideas about forest gardens.

http://www.tillväxt.org /
Growth is a Stockholm-based movement that seems more culture in the city, on the basis that the only sustainable growth is the biological. The group has planted a forest garden in Rågsved which is well worth a visit and the initiators of the growth is also behind forest garden at Stockholm University.

Databasen Plats for a Future (PFAF) is an incredibly extensive plant database with descriptions of over 6000 useful plants. I use it very often to get the basic knowledge of a plant that I do not know about yet. Unfortunately they had some financial problems lately, but if you think that is good, please donate some money to them!

2 thoughts on “Web links”

  • Hej Phillip

    Sorry, My Swedish is very bad right now but I will teach me….
    I am a new subscriber to your blog-site and was reading through your pages. I found on your 'Links / Literature’ page that all the links are non-existent or not functioning except…
    http://skogstradgardensvanner.se and
    http://pfaf.org (these are the only two that are good links).

    I also corrected the translations of some of the common English names for the plants on your plant database… but could only do the first page of 30 names because the other pages did not have an edit function for the names. I could do more if you like….

    I have been establishing a food forest garden here on Bjärehalvön (Bastad kummun) for the last few years and love your blog site. Nice work!

    • Hi Rick,
      Many thanks for your feedback, it’s very appreciated! I’ve updated some links and removed the ones that were entirely dead, and I have added a couple new ones, but I’ll definitely have to devote some more time to that section of the blog.
      Do you know if there is a comprehensive list of the accepted common English names of the plants on our plant list? Now the names are based on what I found in the books back in the days when I first assembled the lists.
      All the best

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