Perennial vegetables – Discover, grow, enjoy

Perennial vegetables: Discover, grow, enjoy (2016)

Get to know the exciting vegetables that come back year after year! Asparagus, rhubarb and horseradish are known perennial favorites in the vegetable garden - but have you heard of potatoes Bean, Blitum Bonus-Henricus and ostrich fern? This book presents 60 perennial vegetables that are carefully selected by the authors to fit in our northern climates, and many of which fit well in the forest garden context. Perennial vegetables are easy to care for and have higher nutritional content than ordinary vegetables. Moreover, they can be harvested from early spring to late autumn without having to irrigate, fertilizing or weed clearing very often. In the book, you will take part of the plant portraits, growing tips and recipes that give inspiration on how plants can be used in cooking. The book was nominated for the year's garden book 2016. It is written by Philipp Weiss and Annevi Sjoberg and designed by Daniel Larsson.

The book is available from Bokus and Adlibris.

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