Thanks for this year!

There has been a more than eventful year for us. It started with a long and difficult, snowy winter means significant losses of trees and shrubs for us. The whole thing gave way to high summer on record, who became the worst drought we have experienced since we began growing more than 11 years ago. In the midst of it all, we released our mammoth work "Forest Garden: cultivate edible everywhere ", later appointed This year's garden book 2018.

While we most devoted ourselves watering during the dry summer, was the fall of the more arbetsrik. We planted more trees and shrubs than ever In late summer and autumn, and now Putt Myra forest garden completely fenced with a 2 m high game fence to keep anyway some uninvited guests outside the plantations. In the fall, I had time even with an exciting plant expedition include Belarus. There I met one of the world's most knowledgeable experts walnut, tasted dozens of different varieties of grapes grown only in Belarus and nuts harvested from trees as the legendary walnut researcher Romuald Loiko himself planted soon 40 years ago. One of my New Year's resolutions is to finally finish writing my little travel reports, so that more people can take advantage of all the knowledge and inspiration I got me from there.

Speaking of the new year, we will also 2019 To continue with our courses. In mid-August, we look forward to keep a 2.5-day course on the beautiful Åfallet forest garden and at the end of August there will be even more exciting with a course on the award-winning Solgårdskorgen who want to build your own timber garden to provide its cuisine with exciting new ingredients. Already in May, we will hold a course on cultivation of perennial vegetables on Solgård Krogen. The hosts themselves will be responsible for the cooking does not make the courses less interesting ...

In addition to courses we are also looking forward to go on a lecture tour through half of the country and then some, that will take us to places such as Kalmar (14 March), Garden Fair in Stockholm (21-24 March), Nora (28 March), Olofström (2 april), Arvika (10 april), Ekerö (16 april), Uppsala (24 april), Helsinki (27 april) and Ludvika (22 May). Keep an eye on Instagram and Facebook, where we will tell about all the upcoming talks.

When we are at home, we will continue to plant as many trees and shrubs we can. Even our new cellar will be completed next year, so that we have better storage facilities for all the hundreds of plants in our nursery. Maybe we draw also started a new project in a new location. More on that coming here on the blog in the spring. One thing is certain: we will not be bored during 2019.

Hope to see you in the crowd somewhere, Once again thank you for this year, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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