Time to take scions

Last year I wrote a few posts that are part of a longer series on grafting, where the various stages of the technology include and variations of grafting included. The series so far consists of posts on grafting indoor, seeding outdoors during spring and early summer and okulering. For the first two, it is important to have the scions of good quality at your fingertips. Ympriset is the kind you want to graft your rootstock to bring its properties further, both in time and space. In this way, varieties kept alive over the centuries, long after the original plant has died.

Find the best branches

As scions works shoots of the previous season's growth at best. Ideally, they should be taken from the outside of the crown and be happy pretty high up you can access, or from crown south side. The reason for this is that the grafts need to be completely avmognade, which I described previously requires some heat in autumn. Shots coming from the middle of the crown where it is shady at a greater risk that they will not have had time to mature properly due to lack of heat. The same applies to the so-called water shoots formed after pruning. They often grow so fast that they do not keep the quality as scions requires. It is important that you take the tree ympriset from being healthy. Do you see that the tree is affected by, for example fruit tree canker is a great risk that you transfer the illness on the new tree will then be short-lived and be a source of infection for other trees. Remember to sterilize the pruning shears with eg hand disinfectant when switching from one tree to another.

January a good time to take scions

The best time to take scions, whether it is from apples, pear, plums, cherries, rönnhybrider or any other species is when the plant is fully vintrat in. Throughout the country, January is usually the best month to take scions. Then the nutrient reserves in ympkvisterna still high and they have not been exposed to too much stress in the form of frost. In its colder parts can take scions until March, but in the gentle parts of Sweden, it is best to stick to January. Is it stone cold in December, you can also bring forward the collection of scions to avoid getting frost-damaged material. I usually collect ympriset from my parent plants a quiet and not too cold day in January, mostly for my own sake, so that no fingers get numb during the subtleties of taking care of the grafts.

a pruner, freezer tape and a pen is the minimum requirement for equipment for the collection of scions.

Take care of ympriset

When you have cut ympriset it is important that you notice it at once. I have started using freeze- or masking tape to bind bundles. While I do that tape, I fixed a small badge bearing the name of variety and date. As important as marking up the branches, it is to store them properly until it is time to graft. The basic principle is that the grafts must not dry out or get wet (when the rot). The optimum storage temperature is 0-4 grader, then not wake twigs prematurely. Do you have a root cellar that holds high humidity, it is optimal storage space, but it is also possible to store in the refrigerator ympriset.

There are different ways to create the optimal conditions for storage. Many wind up branches in damp newspaper sounded- or paper towel and put the bundles directly in the cellar. In the refrigerator, it is appropriate to add bundles in a plastic box (that does not end tightly to ensure gas exchange) so they do not dry out and keep a slightly more even temperature than the rest of the refrigerator.

Personally, I use a method where I moisturizes a sheet of paper towel, Hugs all water and wind into the cut surface of each stack of paper. Then I put the stack in a freezer bag that I leaves half open, so that the gas exchange with the air can continue. This method is particularly suitable if you want to send the scions of the item and want to keep the weight down.

This is what it look like when ympriset is ready to be put down in the cellar or the refrigerator. The cut surface of the rice is wrapped with a slightly damp household paper and the whole bundle (held together with freezer tape and marked with the variety name) is tucked in the not completely closed freezer bag.

How do I get scions?

It is not always that you want to propagate their own trees through grafting and then the question is how to get scions of other varieties. There are a number of different variants. Are you a member of pomological Society you can get scions from the association's own clone archives or make inquiries from the other members. Joining the Association Facebook group is also a good idea to get in touch with other pomologer.

You can also order scions directly from any of the klonarkiven which are scattered across the country. The order must be made any time before 15 december, but it is also possible to connect directly with each clone archives and then it can go to make the order until mid-February or so. Which varieties available at any point seen in the so-called mandate catalog available for Apple, pear, plums and cherries.

Do you think it looks too messy, you can order scions through various market gardens also. Looking only at the concept of "scions" you will get many hits from various nurseries selling scions.

Are you looking for unusual varieties that might barely grown in Sweden may be worthwhile to join the network Fruitiers.net. There is the opportunity to change scions of farmers from all over Europe and sometimes you can make real bargains.

In the next post will be a review of different rootstocks and their properties.

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2 thoughts on “Time to take scions”

  • Took Ympris this New Year when I was visiting my family. Unfortunately I got sick and the vaccination price stayed out for two days in -10. It was wrapped in damp newspaper that had frozen. Is it run? Do I have to take something new?? Can I see in any way if they have been damaged? Now they are in the fridge.

    • There should probably be no problems. Thaw the twigs slowly in the fridge, then it will surely go well. If they get bad then the cambium turns brown (it should be green in normal cases).

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