More wonderful spring vegetables

Spring is like I mentioned before very early this year, although it seems that winter is on its way back to Dalarna. In a previous post I wrote about kökscomfrey 'Bocking 4' and garden acid (Rumex acetosa) who was first out after the thaw. Now it's more spring vegetables that are already on the way out of the earth and yesterday I harvested the first tender leaves that this time of year is jam packed with useful minerals. More on why perennial edible plants is so useful in the next post.


Prärilök (Allium cernuum) is a perennial bulbous plant with fleshy leaves that can be harvested year round. It can withstand competition with grass, but thrives best when it has some room to grow. One of my favorites among the bulbs.


Citronmeliss (Melissa officinalis) winters are not always with us, but it has several times deseeded of themselves and thus survive even the coldest winter. This winter it has gone well for citronmelissen and has already received many nice leaves as, for example, can boil a refreshing tea on.


Myskmalva (Malva moschata) I mostly use in salads. The leaves taste is not so much in itself, but has a nice texture and the plant can be used in virtually the entire season.


Spenatskräppa (Rumex patientia) is relative with extended- and trädgårdssyran, but lacks its acidity. Now, in early spring, I eat the leaves raw, but later in the season it is best to cook them. In dry mode will plant fast unremarkable and dry, but towards the autumn, it is often a new set of fine blades as the photo.


Another cocklebur protruding leaves early is skogsskräppan (Rumex sanguineus). At this plant, I am a little scared about to harvest from, but they grow quickly and spread happy when possible. For me, the taste is a bit too bitter for me to enjoy them in salads, but many use them much like rödbetsblast. It is also possible to cook them like other leafy vegetables.


One of many certainly quite unbacked vårgrönsak is strawberry (Fragaria vesca) and strawberries (Fragaria x ananassa), whose young, light green leaves are good to have in grönsaksstuvningar, pastasåser, gratins etc.. They do not have as much flavor, but consistency is good after they are cooked, I think. One can also boil a tea of ​​the leaves.

5 thoughts on “More wonderful spring vegetables”

  • Hi! Skulle vilja ha prärilök. Och egyptisk luftlök. Är det något man kan få köpa?
    Anette Olofsson

    • Hi!
      Just dessa två har vi inte kvar i år, men det finns ett 30-tal fleråriga grönsaker i vårt sortiment. Vi finns utanför Stjärnsund i Södra Dalarna och plantskolan kan besökas efter överenskommelse.

    • Hi!
      Om du har vägarna förbi Stjärnsund har vi plantor till salu från början av juni. Annars kommer det att gå att beställa via vår webbutik igen från januari 2019 och framåt, för i år är det slutsålt där.

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